Your entertainment options on the aircraft

Long-haul flights on the new A330 and A340-600 aircraft
Choose your entertainment

Business Club and Economy

Personal screen

In the new entertainment system, more than 60 films in different languages (English, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc.) will be featured each month, covering a variety of genres from comedy, drama and cartoons through to action and suspense, as well as Spanish cinema. There are also up to 98 options including TV series (Spanish and international), documentaries and sports, technology and travel programmes, to name a few. We also have over 200 music options, from classic records to all the latest on the market, and a varied selection of 3D games.

Long-haul flights
Personal screen

Business Plus

Personal screen

Customise your in-flight entertainment by choosing from a wide selection of film, TV and music genres. Or, if you prefer, get a different take on your flight with the camera installed on the tail.

General screen


General screen

We have a wide range of latest-release films, contemporary cinema and movie classics dubbed into Spanish and English for flights over 7 hours long.

Flights to Malabo, Moscow and Tel Aviv (sub-fleet A319)
Mobile entertainment

Business Club

Personal screen

For all Business Club routes, each passenger can play with a Portable Play Station (PSP) , with an LCD screen, the latest film releases, top TV series and up to 10 audio channels with all the latest hits. We also offer a special protective case to support the console on the table. You can choose to use an iPad during your Lagos flight if you prefer.



You have different videogames queued on your personal screen on intercontinental flights on A340/600 aircraft: Minesweeper, Caveman, Solitaire, Black Jack, Reverse and Volcanix.

Tail-mounted camera

Your surroundings in real time from the perspective of the camera mounted on the tail. Available on the A340/600 fleet.

To your taste

Choose from a variety of international movies premieres and music in the highest digital quality from your seat, where you can control the contents of your screen using a simple and intuitive menu.

And if you travel in Business Plus…

You can make calls

There is a telephone in your seat so you can talk in comfort.