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Factura tu equipaje desde casa

Before travelling: prepare your luggage

  • Correctly identify the luggage with your personal data (name, destination address, email and mobile telephone number) and include personal identification inside the luggage.
  • Remove all the labels from previous flights before checking-in.
  • Bring your medication, money, valuable objects and important travel documents in your hand luggage.
  • Check the articles that you cannot bring on the airplane.
  • Ensure that nothing is protruding from your luggage to make sure it doesn't get stuck on anything and that the bag is well closed.

After travelling: incidents with your luggage

We put our utmost care and interest so that your luggage reaches you without any problem, but occasionally an incident occurs: adverse weather conditions, improper handling, technical problems in the airport systems or if the identifying label breaks causing damage to a piece of the equipment or delays in its arrival to the destination airport. There may be multiple causes for these delays and we try to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Below we explain what to do if you find yourself in this situation:

  • Go to the desk at the airport’s arrival lounge.
  • Fill the Property Irregularity Report (P.I.R.), always before leaving the hall.
  • Baggage searches will be undertaken using a global system that we and another 160 airlines are members of to find lost baggages within 24 hours in most cases.
  • See the Iberia Baggage Telephone Customer Service Centre if you have any further questions in this regard.


  • Always keep the documentation of your trip as well as invoices for costs directly related to the incident.
  • There are additional travel insurance policies that you can sign up for if you consider it appropriate.
  • In the interior of the luggage you should not transport fragile, perishable or valuable articles such as jewels or money. According to international regulations, airline companies do not cover accidents involving these articles which result in loss or damage.

And remember

  • Correctly identify your luggage
  • Bring your medication, money, valuable objects and documentation with you in the cabin.
  • Check what items are considered dangerous or are prohibited.
  • If there has been an incident do not leave the arrival hall without filling out a P.I.R.
  • We cannot be held responsible for fragile, perishable or valuable articles.

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