Group bookings

Now you can ask for a group quote at (groups are considered 10 or more passengers).

Iberia proposes the following options:

1. Make a number of bookings separately at

In this case you must know the names of all of the passengers and the exact dates they wish to fly.

This could be the most affordable option but it is also the least flexible, as you must pay immediately and the travel information cannot be changed.

Bookings are made on different requests through to when the desired number of passengers is reached. For this reason cannot guarantee that all of the passengers will have the same fare or the same flight.

If you choose this option click here to continue.

2. Ask about a quote for travelling in a group

If you only know the approximate number of passengers who will fly together, or you don’t have all of their names or don't wish to pay the total amount immediately, you can ask to be weight-listed as a group.

The Groups department will offer you the cheapest available fare in accordance with the characteristics of your group, although it may cost more than what you would get with the first option.

The main advantages of this option are better seat availability, more time to confirm the names of all of the members of the group and the possibility of paying for the tickets with more time, as well as flexibility in case you need to make a modification before the tickets are issued.

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