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10 most frequently asked questions

How do you access your Personal Area on Iberia.com?

To access your Personal Area, enter your Iberia Plus card number and your PIN.
If you do not have a PIN, click on "Forgotten or don't have a PIN?", on the upper right hand side of the webpage.

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What to do if I forgot my PIN or it gives me an error?

If you forget your PIN or aren't sure what it is, you should go to the Personal Area and click on "Forgotten or don't have a PIN?". You'll be asked to provide your Iberia Plus number. We will then give you three ways of obtaining a new PIN:

  • You may answer the security question you provided when you registered or
  • Be sent a new PIN to your email account or
  • Provide additional information, which we have in our Iberia Plus database.

The Iberia Plus card does not require activation, even in cases of prolonged inactivity. If your PIN has expired you should follow the instructions provided by the system when you try to enter your PIN.
If your account has been frozen, contact our call centre so that it can be unfrozen: (34) 91 389 43 57

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How do I get Avios with my Iberia Plus card?

You earn Avios each time you fly with Iberia or any of the airlines participating in the Programme, book with associated hotel chains or hire vehicles from the associated companies. You also earn Avios by shopping with your Iberia Visa card at Shop on Board, Viva Tours, Club Todovino, Repsol, Campsa and Petronor. Taking Viva Tours trips or purchasing articles from the Tienda a Bordo on Iberia international flights will also earn you Avios.

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How can I enjoy my Avios?

You can book flights with Iberia for yourself or for whoever you want in exchange for your Avios:

Calculate the destinations available at Enjoy your Avios and use them to book your tickets.
You can combine money and Avios and book hotel stays and cars .
Book flights, hotel stays or car hire; spend them on leisure offers, or purchase goods from the more than 90 partners you have at your disposal.

From the "My Avios" section on your profile page, you can transfer your Avios to anyone else who has an Iberia Plus card.
Use your Avios to change your booking from tourist class (Y, B or H rate) to Business at your Iberia Plus Service Centre or Iberia Sales Office.

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What should I do if I see that the Avios I have earned for a flight have not been credited to my account?

Claims for Avios not credited and which are marketed by Iberia Group* (Iberia, Iberia Express and Iberia Regional/Air Nostrum), Airberlin (and Niki Airlines), American Airlines, British Airways or S7 (and Globus LLC), are managed exclusively through www.iberia.com in My Iberia/My Avios/Avios not credited.

For trips with other airlines associated with the Programme, you should send the Iberia Plus Service Centre a copy of the plane ticket or the e-ticket itinerary receipt and the original boarding pass (for flights that do not require a boarding pass, you need to include a copy of the ticket or the original passenger coupon certificate).

* Except flights IB5XXX, where you will only obtain Avios if you gave your Iberia Plus card number when you booked and bought the ticket, and flights IB7XXX, operated by Taca, where you will have to send the abovementioned information to the Iberia Plus Service Centre.

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What should I do if I notice that some of the Avios I have earned have not been credited to my account?

If there is any discrepancy in transactions recorded on your account, you must make your claim for uncredited Avios for Iberia Group flights, (except flights with codes IB7XXX and IB5XXX) exclusively through the Iberia.com website on My Iberia/My Avios/Avios not credited. Please remember you have a period of six months to bring your account up to date.

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Can another person use my Avios?

Yes. You can name beneficiaries (which you can change whenever you like) of your Iberia Plus card so that they may use your Avios to benefit from any of the services of the Programme without your having to accompany them.

We also offer you the option of using your Avios to buy airline tickets for whoever you wish to accompany you on your travels, without the need to have first included them as a beneficiary on your Iberia Plus card.

If you like you can update your list of beneficiaries directly from your Personal Area on Iberia.com > My Iberia Plus > My card > My Beneficiaries.

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Do my Avios expire?

Always use your Iberia Plus card on your flights or those of any of the Programme's partners. That way your Avios won't expire.
Regulation stipulates that you earn or spend Avios at least once every 36 months to make sure the entire Avios balance doesn't expire. Issuing or receiving Avios transferred to you is not considered to be an activity.
The expiry system will inform the customer of the number of Avios set to expire with at least 2 months’ notice. The information will appear on your account status, which may be consulted at Iberia.com. Don’t forget to use your Avios.

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How can I upgrade with my Avios?

If you have an Economy class ticket (rate Y, B or H) for a flight operated by Iberia Group (Iberia, Iberia Express and Iberia Regional/Air Nostrum) contact your Iberia Plus Service Centre or your local Iberia Sales Office, and they will change your booking and charge it to your Avios.

*Excluding IB4XXX, IB5XXX and IB7XXX.

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