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More on T4

Everything you should know about your trip, such as connection times between flights, time limits, the terminal and the airlines it houses and your flight status

How much time do I need to make my connecting flight?

Depending on the terminal your flight departs from you will need more time or less to reach the aircraft departure area with a comfortable margin.

The terminal area comprises two buildings, the T4 (Terminal Building) and the T4S (Satellite Building), located at the northern end of the present airport.

Connection Times for Iberia at Terminals T4 and T4S

Connection between Terminals (Only Iberia- Iberia / Iberia – Air Nostrum connections) Minimum connection time (min.) (Only Iberia- Iberia / Iberia – Air Nostrum connections)
T4 – T4 45
T4S – T4S 45
T4 –T4S 55
T4S – T4 55

General connection times may change due to operating restrictions

Connection times for any airline and Iberia at Terminals T4 and T4S

Connection between Terminals (Only Iberia- Iberia / Iberia – Air Nostrum connections) Minimum connection time (min.) (Only Iberia- Iberia / Iberia – Air Nostrum connections)
T1 – T4 / T4 – T1
T1 – T4S
T4S –T1
T2 – T4/ T4 – T2
T2 – T4S / T4S – T2
T3 – T4/ T4 – T3
T3 – T4S / T4S – T3
T4 – T4/ T4 – T4
T4 – T4S / T4S – T4

Check-in time limit

We advise you present at least 20 minutes before the pre-established check-in time limit prior to your departure. (Minimum 55 minutes).

Once you are at Terminal T4, minimum check-in times will be: (*)

Minimum check-in times

Air Shuttle (Puente Aéreo) (Board from the T4 building) Domestic and Schengen (flights boarded from the T4 building) Domestic Non-Schengen and Schengen (flights boarded from the T4S building)
20 mins 45 mins 55 mins 60 mins (1)

*This is the maximum time a customer has to go through the formalities of acceptance on the flight and baggage check-in before the scheduled flight departure time (shown on the ticket). (1) Destination Tel Aviv. ADDITIONAL SECURITY CONTROLS AT GATES FOR FLIGHTS TO TEL AVIV. In response to a request from the Israeli authorities, additional security controls are being carried out at the boarding gates of flights leaving any Spanish airport bound for Israel. Given this circumstance out of Iberia’s control and to avoid any inconvenience caused by possible delays in this extra, mandatory control, if you are flying to Tel Aviv, please come to Madrid airport earlier than usual and be ready at your flight's boarding gate at least 90 minutes prior to departure. Thank you. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Important: Safety limitations on carry-on baggage

Where does my flight leave from?

It can leave from T4 or T4S Madrid-Barajas depending on the origin and destination.

The vast majority of domestic and Schengen flights will operate out of the Terminal T4 building, but exceptionally some domestic and some Schengen flights will operate out of the T4S Satellite building:

  • Iberia flights 6XXX (MAD-BCN-MAD) and 6XXX to Canary Islands will operate out of the T4S building.
  • Flights with Schengen origins that link up with London Heathrow, Zurich and other EU Non-Schengen destinations.
  • For connection or operating reasons, some Schengen flights with a Schengen origin/destination.

Flight departures and arrivals of all airlines (EU Non-Schengen, Schengen and domestic):

T4 Level 1 T4S Level 1 T4S Level 0
Boarding gates H, J and K Boarding gates R, S and U Boarding gates M
Puente Aéreo air shuttle, Air Nostrum and the vast majority of domestic and EU Schengen Arrivals-Departures of all airlines EU Non-Schengen Arrivals and Departures of all airlines Some Schengen Arrivals and Departures (Iberia) (*)

* With some exceptions, all Iberia Schengen/Schengen flights depart from T4.
The Schengen area comprises the following European countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

Which companies operate out of Terminal…

Iberia, Air Nostrum and other oneworld alliance and codeshare airlines fly out of T4.

Distribution of Airlines that Operate out of T4:

  • Iberia and Iberia Regional/Air Nostrum.
  • All the airlines in the oneworld alliance: Air Berlin, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Japan Airlines, LAN, Qantas and Royal Jordanian.
  • Airlines with which Iberia has a codeshare agreement: Avianca, Bulgarian Air, CSA Czech Airline, El Al, Iberworld, Meridian Spa, Royal Air Maroc and Ukraine International.
  • Other airlines.

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