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List of offers

List of offers found

July - August Triple your Avios
Protect the future of your family with Aegon.

Depending on the specific needs and stage of life in which we are, specific protection is required to ensure the safety of our future projects and the quality of life of our family.

Therefore, from the 1ST of July 2015 until the 31TH of August 2015, if you contract a Life Insurance with Aegon, will get 45 Avios for each 1 € Premium *. (Minimum premium:100 €).

In addition:
The renovations will get 15 Avios for each 1 € premium (minimum premium: 100€).


Offers earning Avios

Top offer
September - October Protect the health of your family with Aegon Salud Completo and get 3.000 Avios extra
Aegon Salud Completo offers the most innovative and leading coverages, including 100% of hospitalization in the best centers of Spain. You can also customize your policy by choosing from co-payments and reimbursement systems.

We offer more than 30,000 doctors, 1,000 clinics around Spain and 150 years of experience in the insurance market.

Sign up with Aegon Salud Completo between September 15 and October 31, and get 3.000 Avios extra. Find out more at www.aegonseguros.es/ or call 900 112 210.


Offers earning Avios