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Shareholder's promotion
Now, if you are a Repsol shareholder, you can take part in Repsol in Action, your Shareholder Community. Register and start enjoying all the advantages created exclusively for you and furthermore get up to 1.000 Avios if you do it before 31/01/2014.

The promotion is valid until 31/01/2014 for Repsol shareholders who register in the Repsol in Action Community. 500 Avios will be awarded to One and Plus shareholders and 1.000 Avios to Premium shareholders.
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Earn Avios
Product Avios
Fuel* 1 litre of fuel = 1 Avios
In store/ car wash, etc ** €1 spend = 1 Avios
Repsol is an international oil and gas company, operating in 28 countries and the leader in Spain. Obtain Avios at their service stations in Spain.

* Maximum 2 trades a day, with a maximum of 60 liters per transaction. May be accumulated up to 600 Avios to month.
** Maximum 30¬ a day. May be accumulated up to 200 Avios to month.

The Avios earned will be reported monthly in a single operation. Obtaining Avios in the Repsol service stations, Campsa and Petronor not be combined with other loyalty programs by point system. For earn Avios is absolutely essential to present the Iberia Plus card in the moment of the payment because the claim is not allowed after. Valid only at Repsol service stations, Campsa and associated Petronor in Spain.