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Description of company

Hoteles Elba

Hoteles Elba

At Elba, we have put together a collection of unique hotels. Unique because each has its own personality. 1400 different accommodation spaces: flats, rooms, junior suites and suites with different styles of decoration.
These hotels are unique because they are all different, each designed to be enjoyed in different ways. Hotels for relaxing, for business, by the sea, golfing hotels, family hotels, romantic, cosmopolitan, informal, functional, modern, classic, luxury hotels… Hotels that are unique, hotels for everybody. Different settings for different customers, for different times. Different hotels for places that are also singular.
Hotels that are unique because each is different from the other, which is what our guests have asked for.
You can identify an Elba hotel only by our brand logo and by the most important and ONLY IDENTIFICATION in each one of them. The spirit of commitment, innovation, work, customer attention and service.


The Avios will be added in 2 weeks as a maximum period