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Description of company

Logotype: Micropolix


Micropolix comes from a simple idea: to make children learn, the best way is they have fun. In a safe environment, surprising and tailor-made for them.

In this education entertainment centre, unique in Spain, children from 5 to 14 years old experiment firsthand the usual tasks of a pilot, a fireman, a driver, a doctor... Activities are supervised by qualified personnel with education and artistic backgrounds. The younger ones will get familiar with teamwork, decision making, responsibility and respect.
In Micropolix we have 12.770m2 divided into two floors in which they have reproduced a cabin from an Iberia aircraft, the main spaces of a cruise-ship, a firemen´s truck, the city hall, a bank´s office, the supermarket... Up to 30 activities surrounded by other services such as a cafeteria, private security, lockers, accessible common areas or an infirmary.

A space in which everyone can find their own place, in a scenario so real that it makes each visit unforgettable.

Micropolix is the only city in the world in which their dreams can fit in. In this city they can be as big as they want.

Visit our city with the youngest of the house and you will provide them a magical experience. Moreover, with each entrance ticket, you will accumulate Avios that you can use in the Iberia Plus program.

If you need more information about our educational activities, events, birthday celebrations, Club Micropolix advantages or how to buy entrance tickets, visit www.micropolix.com

The Avios will be added in 2 months as a maximum period



10 Avios for every 1€ you spen.
  • - Allowed only one Iberia Plus card for every purchase made.
  • - Not combinable with other promotions or discounts. Not applicable for birthdays, groups and educational programs.


Avios Redemption Table

Euros Avios
20 5.000
25 6.250
30 7.500
35 8.750
40 10.000
45 11.250
50 12.500
55 13.750
60 15.000
65 16.250
70 17.500
75 18.750
80 20.000
85 21.250
90 22.500
95 23.750
100 25.000
The ratio for the exchange of Avios is € 1 = 250 Avios.

The purchase of tickets with Avios have to done it at the box office of Micropolis.