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Description of company

Logotype: Sheffield Centre

Sheffield Centre

Sheffield Centre was established in Spain in 1987, with the aim of offering our youngsters the opportunity to learn another language and at the same time giving them the chance to get to know other cultures and ways of life. Over the years, thousands of students from all over Spain have thrown themselves into the adventure of learning a language with the Sheffield Centre. With its own programme in Great Britain, based in the city of Sheffield, we have also widened the range of destinations where students can learn other languages. Within Spain, we currently have an expert team of professionals who make it possible for people to attend courses of all types and for all ages: from summer courses for young people, to special courses for the most demanding executives, not forgetting the Academic Year abroad. Our office in Great Britain organises programmes of the highest quality for young people and adults in various British cities and this guarantees complete control, both of the students and their academic, social and sporting activities. This infrastructure, together with the quality of our courses, has earned Sheffield Centre its strong reputation and prestige as an organisation. Sheffield Centre is a full member of ASEPROCE (Asociación Española de Promotores de Cursos en el Extranjero: Spanish Association of Providers of Courses Abroad) and of AECAE (Agrupación Educativa de Cursos Académicos en el extranjero: Education Group for Academic Courses Abroad), both organisations being part of ACADE (Patronal de Centros Privados de Enseñanza: Management of Private Learning Centres) whose purpose is to check, regulate and assure the programme quality of associate organisations. The company also holds the ISO 9001 quality certification.

For more information call 902 122 119 or visit our website www.losidiomas.com

The Avios will be added in 2 months as a maximum period

Sheffield Centre

Sheffield Centre

Table Obtaining of Avios

Sheffield Centre
Strip of Prices Avios
UP TO 1,500 € 4.500
FROM 1,501 TO 2,500 € 6.000
FROM 2,501 TO 5,000 € 9.000
FROM 5,001 TO 15,000 € 12.000
FROM 15,001 € 15.000

Courses and programs abroad:
- General of languages, Scholastic Year in schools public or deprived Courses, Masters, Courses for companies, linguistic Year, professional courses one to one, Au Pair, Practices and Work and Study.

Offices Sheffield Centre in: Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.
* All the transaction of contracts is made from the office of Madrid.