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Description of company

Teatro Caser Calderón

Teatro Caser Calderón

Wonderland Entertainment is a young but with a lot o experience company, specialized on two business lines within the entertainment World: children´s shows and big scale musicals. At the same time, it is also in charge of the managing of the Caser Calderon Theatre.

Despite being a small company, for the last 4 years wonderland entertainment has tripled its income in the last 4 years, with a yearly turnover upper than 10 million ?. The key of the success in mainly, an excellent staff, young, dynamic, reliable and committed. 90 per cent of it works for the company from the beginning. And especially, high quality and good taste in all the productions.

Innovation. Wonderland entertainment has set a standard. It was the first company that went out in tour with a big scale show (something unthinkable for producers before 2003) and it definitely was a milestone in terms of theatrical productions are also conceived to go on tour. Furthermore, wonderland entertainment has founded a new branch in New York in order to produce 101 Dalmatas in Broadway.

Some of the shows produced by wonderland and in his theatre are 101 Dalmatas, El Zorro, Sara Baras, Mayumana and We Will Rock You and Souleria.

For information on the Theater Caser Calderon visit our web www.teatrocalderon.com

Teatro Caser Calderón

Teatro Caser Calderón
Teatro Caser Calderón
Show Tichets 15 Avios for every 2€ you spend.
Yearly season ticket 225 Avios
For further information please visit www.teatrocalderon.com

Teatro Caser Calderón

Teatro Caser Calerón
Teatro Caser Calerón
Show Tickets Will vary depending of the show
Yearly season ticket 7,500 AVIOS
For use Avios to purchase tickets should be directed to the box office of Teatro Caser Calerón.

For more information about our shows and prices*, visit our web www.teatrocalderon.com

* The price in Avios, will vary depending of the show.