The little town's church is impressive indeed, as are many of its other charms.

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Church of St. Stephen, Ciaño

A stroll around Ciaño.

On a stroll around any Asturian town, you'll find true architectural and cultural treasures, along with friendly locals happy to tell you all about them. This is certainly the case in Ciaño, in Langreo. Its magnificent Church of St. Stephen, dating from the end of the 12th century and reconstructed most recently in the twentieth, still features beautiful column capitals with plant and animal motifs, as well as scenes of the stoning of St. Stephen which entrance all those who see them. Almost touching the sky, a great sculpture of the Sacred Heart puts the finishing touch on this impressive structure. This church has been declared a national monument as well as a cultural asset. In your stroll around the Ciaño area, you will also discover such architectural marvels as the 14th-century Quintana Tower or the hermitage of Carbayu, where the patron Virgin of Langreo resides. Details:

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