Famous bridge, historic and idyllic town.

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Historic Cangas de Onís, the first capital of Asturias

In the footsteps of King Pelayo.

The first capital of Asturias, Cangas is now an attractive town that comes alive in summer with adventure- and outdoors-oriented holidaymakers as well as those making the trek to nearby Covadonga. Its main sight is the five-arched, so-called Puente Romano ("Roman Bridge") over the Sella River at its western entrance - even though it's just the foundations that are actually ancient Roman, while the rest of the bridge dates from the 13th century, with a copy of the 10th-century Cross of Victory commemorating the Battle of Covadonga hanging from it. Another local highlight is the hermitage of Santa Cruz, built in the 8th century to house the cross of Asturias' first King Pelayo by King Favila over a Celtic funerary dolmen dating from 4,000 BC, which can now be seen through an opening in the floor.

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