In addition to architecture dating back centuries, a more recent spate of outdoor sculptures has been turning Oviedo into an open-air museum.

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Outdoor sculpture in Oviedo

Enjoying street art in the capital of Asturias.

Keep an eye out when you're strolling the streets of Oviedo, because at the turn of any corner, when you least expect it, you can come across a marvelous statue or sculpture to gaze at, touch, and get a photo of. For example, very close to Campoamor Theatre you'll find "The Thinker," by José Luis Fernández; nearby in the Plaza de la Escandalera is "Maternity" by Colombian Fernando Botero (nicknamed "The Fat Lady" both because of its size and because of Botero's propensity to portray fat people); and in the Plaza de Trascorrales, "The Milkmaid" with her cow. And if you listen very hard, who knows, you might be able to hear the notes being played by "The Violinist" near the Auditorio on Plaza Gesta. Snap a selfie with "The Market Ladies of the Fountain," with "The Traveller" (aka "The Return of Williams B. Arrensberg," by Eduardo Úrculo), or Úrculo's rather astounding "Culis Monumentalis," a four-metre (13-foot) representation of a, well, monumental set of buttocks. Other statuary includes books, giant doves in a rotonda, and even the American filmmaker Woody Allen.

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