The list of Mexican antojitos is so long and tasty that you should try them all!

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Mexican antojitos

"Little cravings" at any time of the day (such as ‘flautas ahogadas’ in Tacubaya neighborhood).

They are ideal to be eaten mid-morning, mid-afternoon or late at night, after an evening at the disco or in a bar. The word antojito designates any sort of appetizer you can have at the street stalls around the city. Most of them are made with corn, and they are often fried or covered in sauce. You can find them anywhere, but a good place to taste them is the Mercado de Antojitos (Market of Little Cravings), located on the corner of Giguera street and Plaza Hidalgo: fried quesadillas, pozole (a ground corn-based traditional stew whose name means "foam", due to the foam that appears while boiling the corn, a process used to separate the grain from its skin); esquites (boiled corn, generally served with mayonaisse), tamales and flautas (fried chicken tacos you can have with any kind of sauce). Most bars and taquerías serve them too, but the most traditional ones are found at "El Rey de las Ahogadas" (360 Coyoacán Avenue).

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