Fascinating and contradictory, this market is not just full of fruit and vegetables, but murals and paintings as well!

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Mercado Abelardo Rodríguez

Market or museum?

How would you like to buy oranges or a pound of meat while looking at an impressive mural by Diego Rivera? This unlikely mix can only happen in the Mercado Abelardo Rodríguez, in Mexico City, a place thought to literally bring culture to the working class. And what better way to do that than building the Teatro del Pueblo (People's Theatre) in the same building as the market, and use the best muralistas of the day to decorate it? This was the idea of Mexican president Abelardo L. Rodríguez, after whom the market is named, and who inaugurated it on 24th of November, 1934. Originally, it was part of a bigger project for the regeneration of the historical centre, which was extremely impoverished back then. The building shows a mix of architectural styles and when it opened, it was the largest market in the city. The murals are placed in the entrances and the corridors, totalling over 1,000m2of paintings in which ten artists took part, including the American Pablo O'Higgins and the Japanese Isamu Noguchi. The market itself is basically an arcade of food and fresh produce stalls, although there are a few small cantinas where you can have an antojito. (http://teatrodelpueblocentro.jimdo.com/)

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