Contradictory but true: Mexico is as Catholic as it is superstitious! Go to the Mercado de Sonora and see for yourself.

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The esoteric Mercado de Sonora

About tarot and other divination arts.

Mexico is a deeply Catholic country, but superstition is equally deeply-rooted in its population. Good proof of this is the Mercado de Sonora, a shopping arcade where all kinds of things -from toys to china - can be found, but what has made it famous is the part devoted to esoteric artefacts. Locals and foreigners come here looking for candles, stones for charms, incense, talismans, essences, soaps, lotions for rituals and hundreds of books explaining how to get what you want. Additionally, we can find figures, religious icons, dried animals - such as the traditional rattlesnake - and, of course, every possible tarot card deck to practice your divination skills. Now, if what you need is a specialist in any of these arts, the market is a meeting point for dozens of people who swear they have various powers or abilities, from clairvoyants to healers, offering solutions for every problem.

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