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Countless companies and travel agencies offer a thousand and one ways to discover Boston on themed guided tours, whether by tram, on foot or even in an amphibious vehicle. Take a walking tour with Boston By Foot (in communal groups or private parties) to discover the rich history and cultural and architectural heritage of the city. You can choose from a huge range of options, such as literary walks trips to Beacon Hill, the Avenue of the Arts or a tour of the city’s famous Art Deco architecture. Check out the whole range of tours at www.bostonbyfoot.com. Boston Duck Tours offers another highly unique experience; a tour of the city including a dip in the River Charles in a Second World War style amphibious vehicle (known popularly as a duck). This guided tour covers the most famous monuments in the city and retells the history of the North American fight for independence. Plan your adventure online at www.bostonducktours.com.

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