Legend aside, it's worth entering and getting to know this monument that currently houses the Navigation Museum.

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Castle of the Royal Force of Havana

There's no older place in Havana.

When you visit Havana you'll learn that the Spanish Crown built a great part of Cuba’s monuments during its years of rule over the island. This is the case of the Castle of the Royal Force of Havana. Located on one side of the beautiful Plaza de Armas, it's unique for being the oldest castle in all of the Americas. Built over the ruins of an old fortress in the mid-16th century, its tall tower is known as the "Torreón de la Espera," or "Tower of Wait." According to local lore, conquistador Hernando de Soto left his wife, Inés de Bobadilla, as governor of the island. Each day she would climb to the top of the tower in hopes of seeing her husband's ship return. He never made it back. The building is open to the public and currently houses the Navigation Museum.

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