Its origins aren't Cuban, but it might as well be: Coffee is a critical part of daily life on the island.

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Cuba's Coffee

Quality coffee.

While it's true that coffee is not a Cuban invention, the energizing drink has been tied to the history of the island since the French brought it over when they were fleeing Haiti's antislavery movement during the 18th century. Since then Cuba's coffee production has been constant and of the highest standards. The main coffee plantations can be found in mountains that reach between 1500 and 2500 feet above sea level: that's where the ideal climate for growing coffee can be found. That's why the Sierra Maestra has had a great and extended tradition of planting and producing coffee; the Escambray, Rosario and Organos sierras are also important coffee producing regions. It's easy to find a good cup of coffee throughout the island, and if you want to take some to brew at home as a souvenir, the brands you should consider, among others, are Cubita and Turquino.

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