Havana's sweets and the Coppelia ice cream shop.

Coppelia can be thought of as the cathedral of Cuban ice cream. Its long lines of customers confirms this.

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Havana's sweets and the Coppelia ice cream shop.

A secret sweet delight.

Even though the most popular items in any Cuban kitchen are different rices, beans, and fried plantains (and of course, mojitos and daiquiris to drink), its culinary delights don't end there. One of Cuba's best, yet lesser known, specialties are its desserts. There's plenty to choose from, but in this case we'll focus on the ice cream in one particular place: Coppelia, an institution when it comes to the making of this product, to the point that it’s referred to as the cathedral of ice cream. Nowadays you can find different locations throughout the island, but the original opened up its doors here in 1966. Since then its 26 flavors and 25 combinations have satisfied the taste buds of Cubans and tourists day after day. Even though the long lines of customers might make your favorite flavor unavailable on some days, it's still one of those places that are worth visiting to cool down with one of its frozen treats. Enjoy!

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