The fascinating part about a trip down the Malecón is the mixture of architectural styles and abandoned buildings you will find.

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The Malecón

Eight beautiful kilometers

A ride or walk along any of the 8 kilometers that make up the Malecón is one of the most beautiful trips you'll take along the island's coast. Cubans and tourists, writers, musicians and artists of all kinds frequent it. It's one of the island's best-kept treasures. Construction started in 1901, and the mixture of neoclassical styles and subsequent Art Nouveau kept adding kilometers to the stretch that originally comprised this waterfront promenade. But it's not really architecture that makes it so special; its resistance to change despite the passage of time is what makes it unique. The vast collection of impressive buildings that line this walkway and road put up with the relentless lashings of the Atlantic Ocean's waters at their base. The Real Fuerza de la Habana Castle, the San Salvador de la Punta Castle and the Torreón de San Lázaro are some of these iconic buildings that watch over the Malecón, which is one of the most frequented thoroughfares in Havana.

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