The Sierra Maestra (Granma and Santiago de Cuba)

An idyllic tropical rainforest with several gems worth visiting.

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The Sierra Maestra (Granma and Santiago de Cuba)

A very special mountain range.

The Sierra Maestra covers the eastern provinces of Granma and Santiago de Cuba, making it the most important mountain range on the island. Its highest point is the Pico Real del Turquino, which rises almost 6500 feet above sea level. It's true that this elevation is not excessively high, but in its interior lays several exotic gems that you'll only find on the island. A visit here is geared toward adventure travelers, with wonders such as the waterfall at the Brazo de Buey River, which makes it an idyllic place to see a river flow into a natural awe-inspiring lake. You'll also find the so-called Gran Piedra. Its name means the great rock, and just as its name implies, we're talking about a giant rock that has become one of the most spectacular observation towers on the island and is a protected natural landscape.

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