Spanish cuisine, Creole cooking and African influences all make up Cuba’s culinary delights: delicious and surprising.

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Cuban cuisine is a mix of Spanish cooking, which arrived with the colonization of the island, creole cooking, which was devised by locals adding their own ingredients to the mix, and African cooking, as the great number of slaves that arrived on the island made for a grand gastronomic fusion before it was trendy. You'll find plates with fanciful names such as oros y Cristianos (Moors and Christians) and congrí, which are merely two different ways to prepare rice and beans, two basic staples of Cuban cooking. Roast pork (lechón) or fried pork are also staples, as are yuca con mojo (boiled cassava root in a garlicky-citrusy sauce), ajiaco (a hearty root vegetable and beef soup) and tasajo (dried cured beef). Other popular dishes on the island are lobster in a hearty tomato sauce, known as langosta enchilada, and tamal en cazuela con mariscos, a corn meal stew with seafood. With just about any meal you can't forget to enjoy plantains prepared in a variety of ways as a side dish: green and fried, sweet and fried, and even boiled.

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