If you have time, make sure you visit Belfast, a charming city with a rich history

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The capital of Northern Ireland

Just 104 miles from Dublin you’ll find the historic city of Belfast, where rivers of blood have been spilled by clashes between Catholics and Protestants, but which is also an example of a place rising above its own history. You can see the city in one day and the political murals are one of the main attractions (it’s best if you can get one of the black cabdrivers to take you around and tell you the history of each neighbourhood), but it also offers examples of elegant Georgian and Victorian architecture, as well as a splendid assortment of plants in its Botanical Gardens. Among the attractions you’ll find the dock-museum where the ill-fated Titanic was built, and if you follow the coast round Antrim you’ll come to Giant’s Causeway, a strange formation of hexagonal basalt rocks which look like the stairs that a giant might walk up, and which were formed some 60 million years ago.

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