If you’re travelling with children, this is a great option to spend a fun afternoon and learn about history at the same time

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An interactive voyage to Dublin's history

If you are with the children, a good form of entertainment that is fun for all the family is Dublinia, an interactive exhibition in a time-travel style which will take you to the Dublin of the Viking and medieval times. Located in the 17th-century St Michael’s Tower – in actual fact, it takes place on the 96th step of the tower, which means the climb alone is an adventure – Dublinia takes you on a trip through interactive resources, exhibitions and activities made for the whole family. You can dress up as a Viking or a knight, find out how the wealthy and the middle classes of the era lived, take part in medieval games and tournaments – including throwing eggs and vegetables (made of plastic) at a prisoner in the gallows, or try to hold up the weight of the armour worn for the crusades. The museum opened its doors in 1993 and since then its resources have grown to include new historical modules which portray Dublin’s most ancient history.

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