As well as its numerous shops, this street is famous for the statue of Molly Malone

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Grafton Street

A street made for shopping

If you don’t want to part with all your cash in Grafton Street, you had better keep your hands firmly in your pockets with an extreme effort of will as you walk through this pedestrian zone. The area is renowned for being the artistic, commercial and tourist centre of the city, with stall after stall on every pavement, street vendors and flower sellers. It’s one of the most typical and most unmissable spots, and boasts the statue of the famous Molly Malone, a 17th-century seafood vendor - whom no one really knows if she existed or not, but who was the inspiration for the unofficial hymn of Dublin, which is all about her. According to the legend, the unfortunate Molly Malone – who sold seafood by day and her body by night – died right there in the middle of the street, struck down by fever. You’ll recognise the statue of a woman in a long dress with her cart and her baskets of cockles and mussels.

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