Ha'penny Bridge

This is a spot for pledging eternal love to your partner as you watch the sun set together.

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Ha'penny Bridge

A legendary bridge

In the mid 19th century, half a penny would buy you passage across Halfpenny Bridge (or Ha’penny Bridge, officially known as Wellington Bridge) in order to cross the Liffey river. The justification for this toll, which gave the bridge its nickname and stopped in 1919, was the expensive wrought iron brought from England to make the structure, and the fact that it was the first bridge to be lit up. It has been a symbol of Dublin ever since, and now the trend for travelling lovers and tourist couples is to lock padlocks onto the handrails to symbolise the promises of eternal love. It is one of the oldest iron bridges in the world, and was the only footbridge in Dublin until the year 2000 when the Millennium Bridge was opened, making it possible to close the Halfpenny to the public and carry out a complete restoration. The best time to stroll across this bridge is at sundown, when groups of street musicians bring folk instruments to the street and begin to play right beside you, while the bars and pubs of the Temple Bar area await on the opposite bank.

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