A place chock-full of charm where you can buy food and ask Bono for his autograph at the same time!

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Leo Burdock

The best fish & chips in Dublin

Leo Burdock’s restaurant is to Dublin what cheesecake is to New York: an authentic, undiluted taste of pure Dublin, it has been established since 1913, has the best homemade fish and chips around, and is frequented by celebrities of the likes of U2 or Bruce Springsteen. It’s a chain with several different venues, all of which are known for their tasty chips (customers are always asking what they fry them in to make them so crunchy), served with a variety of sauces and fried fish. The Burdocks in Christchurch, five minutes from St Patricks Cathedral, only serves takeaway food, but if it’s a sunny day it is well worth getting takeaway and sating your hunger in a nearby park. Another Burdocks, in Lower Liffey Street, has seating space for those who want to eat in.

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