This park is a good place to have a rest and gaze at the figure of Oscar Wilde.

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Merrion Square Park

Stroll around just like Oscar Wilde himself would have done

Can you imagine Oscar Wilde sitting in the park on a sunny day, musing over his next novel? Or strolling around looking for inspiration? If he had done, it could easily have been in Merrion Square Park, on the south side of Dublin, where his fixed residence was also located. A fine example of Georgian landscaping, the design work began in the mid 18th century and took almost a century to be completed. In the beginning it was a space for leisure activities, reserved solely for the bourgeoisie who lived in the neighbouring Victorian houses (like Oscar Wilde himself, to whom a statue in the park pays tribute; the Irish Independent leader Daniel O’Connell or the artist AE). Among the curiosities to be found in the park is a permanent exhibition of a collection of lampposts which lit up the Dublin nights during the 19th century, and an air raid shelter which lies hidden beneath a cover of grass and which beneath its field-like appearance could have sheltered more than a thousand of the city’s inhabitants.

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