Want to feel like an imp? In this museum you’ll learn all about the little people called leprechauns

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National Leprechaun Museum

A fairy museum

If you’ve never been lucky enough to find yourself face to face with a magical little Leprechaun (from the Irish 'Lú Chorpain', meaning “Little body”), the main protagonist of Irish mythology, you can now delve into their magical fantasy world at the National Leprechaun Museum: the trip will be infinitely more entertaining if you go with children. It’s quite surprising that a city like Dublin – modern and cosmopolitan – should dedicate a whole museum to the fairytales of its ancestors, paying homage to the tiny imps of its folk legends. According to legend, Leprechauns are small fairy folk who look like little old men, who spend all their time getting up to mischief and hoarding gold pieces. The museum’s best quirks include rooms filled with giant furniture that make you feel the size of a fairy and the “scary nights” which are held on Fridays and Saturdays for adults only, with imaginative performances that recreate the darker world of the Leprechauns.

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