Even if the weather doesn’t measure up, you can get a taste of Brazil without stepping outside this exclusive restaurant.

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Sabor Brazil

The best of Brazil in Dublin

Considered one of the best and most exotic restaurants in Dublin, Sabor Brazil looks like it has come straight out of a baroque film with its elaborately decorative furniture; mirrors, sideboards, tables and armchairs, which make you feel like a star in their midst. The limited space means that dinners are always cosy, with a single tasting menu which takes you through specialities from different parts of Brazil. The delicatessen menu consists of sushi, cheese bread, baked bacalhao, cream cakes, a selection of different meat fillets served on a bed of sauces, sorbet of the day and desserts which all feature hints of chocolate. It’s not a restaurant that you’d go to every weekend (if you make a reservation, they charge you the fixed menu price of 100 Euros straight away), but the exclusiveness of the place also ensures that the evening will be an unforgettable experience.

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