This trip is well worth it if you’re interested in history; you’ll see genuine fossils and cave paintings

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Wicklow Mountains

Prehistoric remains of Ireland

If you get the chance to go out of Dublin, renting a car to travel over the mountainous terrain, a trip to the legendary Wicklow Mountains won’t disappoint you. These mountains are thought to be the cradle of Irish civilisation, and remains of prehistoric settlements, cave paintings, ancient forts, menhirs and evidence of funeral rites from the year 4,300 BC have been discovered there. However, their greatest advantage was that they became a refuge and a point of resistance for the tough Gaelic clans, who over the course of the centuries managed to defend themselves against the Anglo-Norman invasions. The forts built in the Wicklow Mountains held out stoically under siege after siege, to the point where they were given the title “war lands”, in contrast to the easily conquerable “peace lands” of the south. Today you can visit this region, which is marked out on maps as the Wicklow Mountains Natural Park - an area of more than 20,000 hectares - and offers hiking and climbing routes as well as birdwatching.

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