Journey through the history of Irish literature by way of some lesser-known stories

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Writers Museum

The curiosities of Irish literature

Did you know that Oscar Wilde was a celebrated boxer in his student years? Or that the typewriter that the temperamental author Brendan Beham threw out of a bar window one day was actually recovered? All the quirky secrets that you always wanted to know about Irish authors are given their place in the Writers’ Museum, which is housed in an 18th-century building in Parnell Square. Right next to the Irish writers’ union and syndicate building, the mansion contains statues, busts and portraits of the country’s best-known authors, as well as an enchanting collection of their personal effects. The rooms are divided according to centuries of published literature, both by those writers who stayed in Ireland and those who emigrated from the country and spread their words far and wide. As well as its permanent and temporary exhibitions, the Museum also boasts a reading room, café and bookshop.

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