As well as their fantastic steaks, this lovely establishment offers some unique views in an unbeatable location. Take a break and come to this castle!

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Enjoy Your Meal in a Castle!

Built during the 14th century.

At around a half-hour walk away, you'll find this place in the outskirts of the city. This is the castle of 'Sachsenhauser Warte'. This building has been standing there since the 14th century and it had to be reconstructed during the 18th century when it was practically in ruins. The castle then had to bear the Second World War bombings, which practically destroyed it in the same way as they did to a large part of the city. Nevertheless, it now stands tall and proud after its reconstruction with a yellow tower, so that it can be easily located. Inside this castle is a lovely restaurant which is set in unique surroundings. We especially recommend its enormous terrace with wooden banquet tables which maintain the original decoration of the building. Once seated, and to kill some time, it's traditional to order a 'Schöfferhofer' beer, since this brewery is based around this vicinity. The kitchen in this restaurant is famous for their meats and their typical recipes of the area, which turns it into the ideal place to try the steak or the 'Frankfurter Rippchen'. Now, enjoy the views and bon appetit!

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