Granada in particular is one of the best places to try this deceptively simple summer soup

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Ajoblanco Soup

An Andalusian classic: cold garlic soup

Jaén and Granada are among the areas of Andalusia which lay claim to originating this delightfully refreshing cold summer soup, but regardless of the historic details, it's incontrovertible that both are home to exquisite versions of this garlic-based dish. It's a simple recipe, but involves a lot of careful measurement as well as creating just the right texture. Besides garlic, ingredients include bread (usually stale bread), diced almonds, olive oil, water, and salt. The Granada version also usually comes with a roasted potato, while elsewhere you might see it with grapes or canteloupe with cured ham. And of course with all the "nouvelisation" of Spanish cuisine in recent years, various chefs have come out with more innovative and upscale versions. Whichever you try, don't miss it!

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