Travel back to 3,000 BC, to one of Iberia's oldest civilisations.

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Cástulo Archaeological Complex

Fascinating pre-Roman ruins.

Some 50 kilometres (30 miles) outside the city of Jaén is Linares, home to a complex centred around the ruins of a pre-Roman Iron-Age culture known as the Iberian, who settled this area beginning around 3,000 BC and reached their apogee centuries later. Here at Cástulo you can still see the remains of the walled settlement thought to date from the 7th and 8th centuries BC, along with the water system and some remains of ancient baths and public buildings. In addition to all that, there are some ruins dating back to Roman Hispania and the 13th-century Santa Eufemia Castle. The museum here lays out a chronological account of what is known of the city's life and times, to help make sense of what you're seeing.

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