Built over the course of three centuries, the interior offers a ravishing mix of artistic styles.

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Granada Charterhouse

On a hill above Granada, a most impressive monastery

On a hill overlooking Granada a bit to the north, the Carthusian monastery also known as the Monastery of Our Lady of the Assumption was built over the course of the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries and is one of the foremost buildings of the Spanish Baroque. It actually looks relatively unassuming on the outside, but its interior includes several impressively rendered spaces, including the refectory, the cloister, and the monks' chapter house (there have been no monks in residence since 1835). But the best preserved and most extravagant of all are the church, accessed through a lovely carved wood portal, and the sacristy, with white walls but a grandiosely painted ceiling in the form of a dome. It's a marvelous experience walking through this complex taking in the various artistic styles added over the years as well as its silence and peacefulness.

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