Pastries made from recipes a century or more old are a major part of the local culinary scene

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Granada Sweets

Got a sweet tooth? Granada's a happy hunting ground

Granada is also known for its delicious variety of baked goods, particularly of the sweet variety. One of the most famous are called piononos, pastry with cream and syrup rolled into a cylindrical shape, created by the founders of a shop called Casa Isla (, in the town of Santa Fe, 13 kilometres (8 mles outside the city. Founded in 1897, it also operates four shops in Granada itself. Another must is Pastelería López Mezquta (Called Reyes Católicos 29;, specialising in bite-size pastries as well as pastelas, a puff-pastry-based treat of North African origin which is simultaneously sweet and savoury. Finally, get thee to a nunnery - several, such as the Convento de la Magdalena, the Convento de las Madres Jerónimas, and Convento de las Comendadoras de Santiago still turn out sinful pastries according to centuries-old recipes.

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