Manuel Moral International Museum of Naïve Art

Push your conceptual envelope of art by checking out the more than 600 works in a rulebreaking style with a long history.

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Manuel Moral International Museum of Naïve Art

Spain's only museum dedicated to a most singular artistic style.

"Naïve Art" is a venerable particular style characterised by simplicity (one of the best known being the 19th-century American Grandma Moses), and Spain's only museum devoted to it is housed in the Palacio de Villardompardo. The more than 600 work here, Spanish and foreign, are executed with a variety of media and techniques, but always within the "naive" (sometimes called primitivist) idiom, emphasising sponteneity and playing with established artistic conventions of perspective and colour. It was established in 1990, based upon the collection that naive artist Manuel Moral bequeathed to the city of Jaén.

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