The place where King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella rest, and home to many of the treasures they donated.

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Royal Chapel Museum

A chapel museum unique in all of Spain.

In her testament, the famed 15th-century Queen Isabella stipulated that some of her most prized belongings should be placed in the sacristy of the Granada cathedral, including her crown, sceptre, a personal mirror, and her husband King Ferdinand's sword. In addition, she bequeathed a good number of works by some of the most important Flemish paintings of the age, such as Hans Memling and Rogier Van de Weyden. This was in addition to the myriad riches these monarchs had already donated while they were living, including the queen's illuminated missal and battle banners carried during the reconquest of Granada. All this has helped make the Capilla Real the city's most visited museum, popular with a wide variety of visitors interested in the history and mystique of the "Catholic Monarchs". Details:

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