The "1,001 Nights" come alive here in the world's greatest Moorish palace complex.

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The Alhambra

One of the most magical places in all of Spain.

Granada's - and perhaps Andalusia's - single most powerful and majestic attraction is a city unto itself, the magnificent headquarters for more than two centuries of the Nasrid dynasty. The Alhambra was begun in the 13th century, and walking its magnificent halls, courtyards, and gardens is a trip back into an Arabian Night fantasy. It's divided into various zones, including the citadel; the Patio of the Myrtles, organised around a huge rectangular pool with marble fountains at either end; and the Patio of the Lions, where Nasrid art achieves its glorious pinnacle, with a magnificently worked gallery surrounding a fountain supported by 12 lion statues. There are various entranceways to the complex, as well as various ticket prices from 7 to 25 euros, depending on time of day, visitor age, areas of the complex covered, and other factors.

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