Lots of flowers, adornment, and merriment in the merry month of May

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The Crosses of May

A Latin festival for which Granada is the best known

In the first week of May each year, Granada is overtaken by an explosion of colours and aromas in its celebration of the Festival of the Crosses, considered one of the most spectacular of such observances across Spain and Latin America. Every plaza, courtyard, and pretty much nook and cranny (at least of the old town) is likely to sport a cross, accompanied by flowers (especially red and white carnations), copper ormanents, elaborate shawls, aand various handicrafts, as well as scissors and peros (a kind of apple). Prizes are awarded, and everyone parties enthusiastically. The culmination of the fiesta is 3 May, and at local tourist offices (as well as online) you can find maps with more detailed info about the festivities

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