Amazingly preserved, Spain's largest known Moorish baths will wow you in the basement of this 15th-century count's palace

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Villardompardo Palace Arab Baths

A palace with an austere façade but amazing contents

Built in 1592 for the Count of Villardompardo (and then Viceroy of Peru) Fernando de Torres, this palace's façade may be fairly austere, but behind it lies an impressive courtyard lined with semicircular arches, and even more notable, in the basement, 11th-century Moorish baths that remain incredibly well preserved (restored in 1970 after having spent centuries used as a storage area and tannery). Their area of 450 square metres (4,844 square feets) makes them the largest of their kind in Spain, composed of four chambers: the vestibule, the cold room, the warm room, and the hot room. Open daily; group visits must be reserved in advance.

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