Get on board for an adventure in pristine nature and don't forget to visit these impressive islands

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Galápagos Islands

Science, nature and pleasure on the "Enchanted Islands"

Guayaquil airport is one of the normal starting points for reaching the Galapagos Islands. Take a short domestic flight with prepaid fees in order to gain access to the islands. Now that you are so close, you can't miss this opportunity can you? When you land on Baltra and you board a boat to Bartholomew Island, you will have an amazing vista before you of nature at its wildest. The Galapagos Islands not only house the mythical giant tortoises and the Charles Darwin Research Station but also indigenous penguins, iguanas and sharks (for the courageous), impressive volcanic formations with tunnels of lava that you can walk through and reefs where you can go diving. The black beaches of volcanic ash contrast with the dense coasts by the mangrove swamp or the red beaches where sea lions sunbathe. If you are considering a trip with relaxing moments, hotels and caipirinhas by the beach, you can also find that here.

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