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Museo Presley Norton

Ecuadorian ancestral culture

The Villa Rosa Herlinda -where the Presley Norton Museum is located, in calle 9 de Octubre- appears to be a country house with Spanish influenced charm. This is mainly because its construction came about after the owner, Ismael Pérez Pasmiño, made a trip to Spain in 1936. It was not until the 1990's that the decision was made to put the Museo Presley Norton in this mansion, in honour of the archaeologist of Guayaquil. The main part of the researcher's legacy was handed over to the Museo Antropológico. However, the house still contains 112 original pieces. This collection does not just focus on archaeology and the beginning of the Ecuadorian coastal history but progresses onto the life and customs of its inhabitants: magic healing rituals, veneration of the gods of the four elements, jewellery and ornaments that depict an indigenous society and that document its library collection. The museum's gift shop and its cybercafé offer you a break after being immersed in Guayaquil's history.

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