Exploring the island by boat is a great way to enjoy the landscape.

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By Sea to Ureka

A different kind of excursion for adventure lovers.

One of the most interesting sea crossings on the island of Bioko runs from Ureka to Luba and vice versa. There are different alternatives, depending on how adventurous you are, as well as your budget: from a modern motor boat or a Zodiac inflatable boat, to a modest canoe. Keep in mind that on stormy days there may be no boat service. The journey begins in Luba Bay, where you enjoy a wonderful view of the city, the great Caldera and to the left the Isle of Parrots. Continuing south you'll see a number of small coves, beaches and villages on the cliffs. The tour continues through an area of caves called the Seven Doors, on to Punta Oscura and finally to the pristine beaches of the south.

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