For those into keeping up (personal) appearances, you must visit one of these shops.

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Cosmetics Stores

Beautiful both inside and out.

The people of Equatorial Guinea care about their appearance and like to use all manner of skin creams to maintain it. At least, that's what you would conclude from the large number of commercial establishments specialising in the sale of cosmetics that abound in the streets of Malabo. Some resemble chains such as Juteco or Bodybell; in the case of Caroline's Cosmetics, a small shop in Liberty Avenue, you can find an assortment of cosmetics, perfumes, and hair products. Another interesting option is Rosanhavaj Cosmetics in Parques de África Avenue, which sells natural hair products and creams of all sorts. More unusual is the selection at AJM Cosmetics in King Street in Malabo, where the cosmetics and perfumes (with well-known brands such as Fa, Heno de Pravia or Sanex) sit alongside watches and bracelets.

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