Cultural Centre of Equatorial Guinea

Art and culture come together in this building.

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Cultural Centre of Equatorial Guinea

Cultural activities galore.

It was not so long ago that this interesting cultural space, located in the building that for decades was occupied by the Cardinal Cisneros Institute, opened its doors; but in its short life, the Cultural Centre of Equatorial Guinea has already hosted numerous exhibitions related to the cultural traditions of the country, which have included performances ranging from music to theatre, all the way through painting and sculpture or even a selection of dishes from the local culinary tradition. That is in fact the main objective of the Centre: to display and preserve aspects of the indigenous culture of Equatorial Guinea. To this end, the Centre also teaches local languages and offers historical seminars and film festivals. It's a venue for cultural activities nationwide as well, such as the South-South Itinerant Film Festival or the Malabo International Hip Hop Festival.

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