Best way to get to know the local culture: through music and dance.

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Festivals of Equatorial Guinea

The fun never ends.

Enjoying a traditional music show is one of the most unforgettable experiences you can have in Equatorial Guinea. On the island of Bioko numerous festivals are held throughout the year, featuring mostly local dance and music. Among the most impressive are the dances of the Fang people, one of the ethnic groups who inhabited the country before the arrival of Europeans. The dancers move to the absolutely frantic rhythms of the tam-tam (a kind of African drum). The ethnic Bubi dances are far more calm, and the dancers wear amazing decorations and traditional costumes. You can enjoy these shows in any season, but especially on October 12 (Independence Day), November 17 (Feast of St. Elizabeth) and April 27 (Cocoa Feast, in Rebola ).

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